Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Winter Blanket

Today ushered in the first real snowstorm in our area, blanketing us with 8-12 inches of wet white stuff. I already miss color! I know people miss the light in the winter, but for me it is color. I need to surround myself with lots of color to keep a positive spin throughout the black and white season. I have purple sofa & loveseat, light green walls and lots of turquoise in the living room. My kitchen is red, yellow and white, retro style. I have always loved to wear bright colors, they make me happier!

What's it all about if we don't strive for happiness? I started really striving for it, not waiting for it, 5 years ago when my Dad died. After heart surgery and many strokes, he lost the struggle, and I began mine. I realized that I wanted to live better and healthier, so his issues would not be mine. I got off antidepressants, had lap band surgery, lost weight, adjusted my diet to a more healthy one. My Buddhist practice really helped! I guess I needed to get inside and really examine myself, to find out what makes me happy. I know I'm the one who controls my mind-nobody else can do it for me. So I started with small things--the light bright green walls, purchasing music I love, getting my brows waxed~it all contributes to a better life condition!

So, as the snow turns to rain and makes our white blanket a soggy mass, I will turn up the music and neaten up the red, yellow and white kitchen before tucking into a good book (this one about pioneer women). Stay Warm! Sherry

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  1. In all that black and white, I see various shades of gray, with some violet and lavender.

    Years ago, during my 6 years of divorce court, and my Disabling conditions, I made a vow to Live! To experience life, to cheat the end of my days out of regrets and if-onlies. Thus the charter boat fishing expedition, the visit to the tall ships, the trip to Yosemite, etc. I have slowed down, but will decide on priority experiences to persue. You inspire me with all your travel!


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