Monday, December 28, 2009

A Week Off

Anticlimax!  There was the big rush to get the office newsletter out, then the Annual Appeal, then the big rush to do 3 craft fairs, then the big rush to Christmas-3 days of parties.........Squeal to a halt!

Now I have the week off.  I have spent Monday sitting with a good book and overeating. The dishes are waiting to be washed, as is the laundry. I've spent hours looking at lovely blogs and artwork that I love, trying to get motivated to do something of my own.  As I said today on my facebook wall, "unstructured time is great, if you add some structure to it!"

Even though Christmas is past, I'm making some ornaments for Aunt E. They are called Ghosts of Christmas Past. I print sepia pictures onto transparencies, cut out, add a touch of glitter and insert them into clear glass ornaments. Then I decorate the tops with ribbons and flowers or leaves. This year I did some custom ones with family photos. That's what I'm working on this week for Aunt E. Some photos work better than others-the pictured ones are B&W, but I like the sepia prints too. I can turn any picture into a sepia print, but if they are not sharp with lots of contrast they don't show up well.  Unfortunately, I am running out of glass ornaments in this size, and Michael's is out of stock! Later, y'all...

Create a Happy New Year!


  1. What a cute idea with the glass ornaments...I'll have to try that next year.

  2. Andrea, if you need further directions, be sure to send me another message. I love your blog too and am awaiting pictures of the finished couch! Happy New Year!

  3. By the way, I did get my dishes done!

  4. I love those ornaments too, we did some similar but I didn't use glitter or decorate the tops. Your are great. I love your photos. What an amazing place to live. My husband & I traveled the US (before kids) in search of beauty like that. Our area is nice but very populated & suburban. Lisa
    PS Thanks for the sweet comment.

  5. I just LOVE these ornaments Sherry! I bought those same glass ornaments at Michael's in December but never did a thing with them ~ these are beautiful!!! Thank you so much for visiting me and I hope you have a wonderful weekend, hugs and love, Dawn


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