Sunday, December 20, 2009


Sunday night--As a new blogger, new facebook user and active emailer, I find that it is an effort to keep up. But I love this blog. Hope to get more followers and be more active on it. I'm planning next week's slide show. Maybe parts of my dream trip last spring. That should warm us all up.

I rode to Providence last night to pick up Paul W, who had been trying to get to Bradley, had had flights cancelled out from under him for 36 hours. Jim drove and I navigated. We knew a major storm was coming in from the south and we got all the way to Providence before we saw the first flakes. After going to the airport and picking up Paul, we dragged that blizzard all the way back to Worcester! Jim was our hero driving in white-out conditions. I don't know how much snow they got in R.I., but we were glad to get out! Before we hit Springfield the road was dry and there were only flurries. We never did get any up here in the hills of Western Mass THIS TIME! Welcome Paul!

Keeping it simple this Christmas-small or home-made gifts, a hot chili dinner Thursday night and to Mom's Christmas day for a more traditional dinner. Then we can all set our weight loss goals for the new year! Happy Holidays to you all


  1. Loving this blog more and more. I like it because I know the people and the places so it is fun for me. Say "hi" to Paul for has been years since I saw him. Glad you made it safe.

  2. Hi, I'll see him in a few days and tell him hi. Hope to get him to follow my blog too, as he misses us all! My next slide show will be about a flower show he took us to near Portland last Memorial day weekend. I think the flowers will brighten up our days. More later!


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