Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Whereas Sherry & Trish go to the Country Living Fair

For many years, I've wanted to go to the Country Living Fair--but Ohio and Atlanta are so far away, that I never managed it. This year I got lucky -- it came to Rhinebeck, NY, a little over 2 hours from me. I've subscribed to Country Living Magazine for about 30 years and it seemed like the year to do it. I quickly got on line and got two weekend passes. I called Trisha and said we're going to the fair!

We made arrangements to stay in Kingston, NY, a town on the other side of the Hudson, just 13 miles from the fairground. Planning for purchases, we brought out wheeled shopping bags, straw hats and sunscreen. The weather was perfect! As we got closer and closer to Rhinebeck, we kept hearing this odd humming sound. Trisha thought it was my car, but I was convinced that it had to be the 17-year cicadas. They are out and about this spring. It was, and we heard the buzzy humming noise all through the fair.

Saturday, we walked and walked. The first exhibit was Sisters on the Fly, a bunch of vintage trailers all fixed up with vintage wares for sale. I love those trailers and would love to have one! I imagine it outfitted as a guest bedroom in the back yard.


I'm not a princess, I don't need saving. I'm a queen, I got this s..t handled!

There was something for everyone! Junque, vintage stuff, new art and gorgeous crafts! Jewelry, body care, carved wood, rustic metal, you name it!

We didn't see everything, but we did a lot. I was limping and hobbling by the end of that day. We went to the hotel, checked in, then explored downtown Kingston. What a charming little downtown area--covered sidewalks and cute little shops and restaurants. Music on the street, friendly people. We had a nice dinner in a great Mediterranean restaurant, chatted up the shop owners and I bought a new hat. I slept well that night!
Who was that man?
On Sunday, we took it a little easier. I put my wallet and camera in my cart and we went to the barns we hadn't seen.

We sat for a while at the appraiser's tent and Trisha got some WWII postcards appraised. If you've seen Country Living Magazine, there is a section called "What Is It? What Is It Worth?" and that was them. Contributing editor Helaine Fendelman lead the show. Some people had some valuable old things. Trisha wasn't that lucky, but you can't put a cash value on sentiment! It was a fun experience.

Mud Cakes

Next we enjoyed two shows in the main barn. The first one was Laurie Maseroll of Mud Cakes and Earth Angels Studios demonstrating her artistic short-cuts. She told us how to save money on paints by getting sample paints in the hardware store. She bravely mixes her own colors and uses all kinds of short-cuts in her paintings. She really made me want to come home and play with paint!

We also saw Cari Cucksey from HGTV's "Cash and Cari." She told us how she got into the business by following her Grandpa around as a kid. He collected everything so he could find homes for it all. She shared video clips from the emotional program she did about organizing the estate sale at her grandparents' home. We really enjoyed her talk!

The last barn we went through had Will Moses' exhibit. I love his paintings-our favorite was "Girl's Night Out" featuring witches on Halloween. Trisha had him autograph a book she bought for her grandkids.

As I ogled piles of Somerset Magazines, I noticed Jo Packham autographing "Where Women Create" mags. I picked up a couple and had her sign one. After I told her about having to downsize for my upcoming move and new studio space-to-be, she wrote, "The happiest place to be is between way too much and not nearly enough." I love that quote and it is just what I needed to hear!

We had a great time and decided to go back again next year. I think we'd better get in shape before that, as it promises to be much bigger than this one was!

And what did I buy? Some magazines, 2 yards of sweet artistic fabric designed by  P. Carter Carpin and two very adorable little pillows by Terri Palmer.

Now, I'm getting ready to do a couple of art shows on the 4th and 6th of July. All the ideas I got at the fair are brewing in my brain and I don't have time to do them for the summer fairs, but hopefully I'll have lots of new stuff for the fall shows I do. I'll keep you posted! Meanwhile,

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