Sunday, December 11, 2011

Where is MY Holiday Spirit?

Hi All,
I just stopped in at Dawn's The Feathered Nest to get a Holiday Spirit Adjustment! Dawn is such a busy woman and has time to make the sweetest ornaments and art and gifts. Check out her adorable snowman ornaments! I just love visiting her and seeing what she is creating now! I feel a bit of the spirit coming over me already...

So I dug out my little 2' tree. It is already lighted and decorated. It looks a little dull and sparse this year for some reason. Maybe that "country style" is not thrilling me as much as it would if I added some color and sparkle.  It has a rusty birdhouse topper, which is due for a paint treatment. Then if I just add a bunch of mushroom birds and and little birds nests, some pinecones and some snowflakes and glitter, it should pop a little, don't you think? Okay, I'm off to Michaels!

OR NOT!  I almost forgot that I'm grounded! I had a pretty major surgery on my right foot about 10 days ago and I have 5 more weeks "off my foot" to look forward to.  I can't drive, and I need to use a wheelchair. This is an odd state to be in, as I'm so independent and ready to hop into the car and shop any chance I get. Didn't I just spend days at Pier 1 and Homegoods searching for the perfect comfy chair for my "confinement"? Looking forward to being able to walk pain free, though, and not begrudging my 6 weeks!

Meanwhile, I look around me and find my own nest needs fluffing in a bad way. I wheel my chair to a messy spot and actually organize and clean it as I go along. I groom my houseplants and nurture them with organic fertilizer. I keep the kitchen clean and do the laundry. There is no escaping the fact that I am home and I can do these things! I don't have to run off to another meeting at the Senior Center or work or go shopping or visiting. I can relax and improve my immediate surroundings!

Clutter in every corner!
A few days ago I started channeling Grandma as I edged the wheelchair cautiously into the craft area of my living room-not an easy task, as the space had become really messy and overcrowded. I dragged everything I could get my hands on out to the kitchen table, so I can do something creative.  I'm starting with a tiny shadowbox in a windowed soap box. I have some collaged cards in the works and maybe some sort of banners. I have been wanting to recycle those soup boxes into something, so I'll see what I can create!

Craft room (some of it!)
Once I get snipping, glueing and stamping, the creativity should begin to flow. Then I'll wrap and embellish those small gifts I bought for the family at all the craft fairs this fall. (I am determined not to give any gifts that are imported from across the world at great expense to the environment--my little statement this year!) I have hand-made baskets, luscious locally made soaps, fresh pot holders, cozy alpaca socks, hand made jewelry, my own framed photos and cards, and maybe a big batch of rum balls to divvy up between everyone. I'll reuse brown paper bags as wrapping paper, embellishing all with my stash of scrapping supplies and my own gift cards. I will, yes I will!

Winter Wonderland
Okay, It's working, the Holiday Spirit is coming on. I can feel it--I'll get my holiday letter ready to send off and get to work!

I will...

Sending out my Holiday Spirit to each one of you!