Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Hey, What Gives?

Goodness, Blogger has surprised me with a new form for posting and--Hey, my counter is missing!  Okay, so it was not counting very fast, but then I'm not much of a regular blogger, either! Maybe I'll start again at 1. Or at 100,000? Whatever!

Some favorite Pinterest photos this week...Baby guinea pig!

My little consulting job has taken on a life of its own. I spend hours thinking up new ways to go, in helping a group of Councils on Aging reach out to their seniors. I lie awake wondering if I have the spunk to actually hold a seminar, one of the requirements of my contract...I am coloring outside the lines with this job, and it is really good for me. I've been pretty complacent since I lost my job over a year ago. Sometimes I wonder if I really could hold down a job at all now. I've officially retired, but my social security is very sparse. I will have to supplement it with something when this consulting job is over. I like to think I could find a part time office job, but maybe I can create something more to my liking. I feel on the verge of something...

Baby otters!

I know one thing, I'm just too busy to be considered a retired person! Besides the consulting job, there's physical therapy, working out at the Y, a little pet-sitting, volunteer work at the senior center, the senior newsletter and brochures, driving food pantry food to seniors, coordination of a local elder care program, finding artists to show at a local venue, the posters and flyers for the Arts Alive group, secretarial work for the high school alumni association, a birthday party and a wedding to help with--I'm sure I'm forgetting something! All this and I'm only billing about 45 hours a month. What is wrong with this picture?

Caterpillar disguised as flower

Here's what is wrong: I've all but forgotten my wish list! The wish to have the time to be more creative! to develop my photography, take classes, learn Photoshop creative suite. to monitor classes on those topics at the local community college. to open an Etsy store. to sell half of my stuff, to move in with Mom, to offer art classes, to spend a month in Taos, New Mexico, to go back to Montana.  Oh, Montana...

Oh, Montana!

Wow, okay, well, I was going to tell you about my series of unfortunate kitchen adventures, and I got off onto a tangent. When I do this, I always learn things about myself that I didn't know I knew. (like that song, Billy from the Hills--"Something I know I didn't know I knew, I learned from Billy from the hills.") What I am learning today is that I have to prioritize and let a few things go. Or hang in till July, when a couple of things will slow down, then regroup and prioritize again.

Ah ha ha ha ha!

Meanwhile, I try to fit in a few hours a week to work on my resale shop idea and muster up the courage to make that work. I hope to go kayaking this year, as often as possible. I will take more pictures. I am working on my garden. AND I'll keep in touch with you all as much as I can. I miss you all!


Thanks for listening and becoming part of my discovery tour!
Any and all suggestions would be welcome!

Happy Trails, Y'all!


Thursday, May 3, 2012

Retired, but...

Hi Folks,
Well, I'm officially retired! And that means--
I'm busier than ever! Besides the volunteer work I do for my local council on aging, I have taken on a consulting job (paying!) doing outreach for a consortium of 4 councils a little farther away. It is taking a lot of my computer time for now.

A sweet idea!

And I must confess--
I have discovered Pinterest. (OMG! My new obsession!) I have had to curtail some of the magazine buying-they are getting more and more expensive, and you know how hard it is to throw them out! With Pinterest, you get to see and collect millions of pictures, sort them into your own categories and look at them at will without messing up the house!

Lavender mojitos

Love this! Though I can't find the original source.
 The pictures stay connected to their source, so you get recipes, how-tos, blogs, etc. And you don't have to wait a month for new pictures. When you are searching the net or blogging, you can pin the pictures and posts that you like. You will get followers and likes and you can share on FB, Twitter, etc. If you are interested, search Pinterest, then ask for an invitation to join. In a couple of days you will get an email and you go in and set up a profile and begin pinning. That's it!

Can you stand it? Read the story here.

I linked the above pictures. Click on them to see where they come from. Some of our bloggie friends are there too, Dawn Edmondson, Karen Valentine, and many more.

Well, I'm off and running! Have a great day, Y'all!