Monday, May 16, 2011

Summer Sabbatical...

Hi everybody,

I'm missing you all and wish I had some more hours in the day. Since I lost my job and started working on setting up my own business I've been so busy, I'm having trouble keeping up. Of course the fact that I signed right up for basket weaving, paper marbling and yoga and joined the board at the Senior Center might have something to do with that!

I've been wanting to have a blog shop and be an active at blogger, but now's just not the time for me. I hope to be back in a month or two and plunge into the blogosphere with enthusiasm! Let's call it my Summer Sabbatical.

Meanwhile, I'm going to work on some art for Rustique Gallery Store and figure out a schedule so I can get more done. My photography seems to be the thing right now and it's all because of all your wonderful comments that I have had the courage to have my first show. It went over well and I'm working on building my stock of prints to show and sell at a local art festival in July.

I'll be checking in with you when I can and I WILL be back!

Have a wonderful summer, y'all!