Friday, April 15, 2011

Grand Opening!

I've finally done it-opened Rustique Gallery Store on my other blog, formerly known as Rustique Too!

I've always dreamed of having a store at Rustique Gallery. Now I have figured out the routine and will get more inventory posted soon. Please visit me there and check out my goodies!

What prompted this change?  So, here's the scoop: Last December, while recuperating from my knee replacement surgery, I had a dream that I went back to work and there was no job for me. It was such a real dream that I called my fiscal director. While not coming out and telling me, she hinted that that was a real possibility, as the budget shortfall in this small non-profit was growing every day. There's not a lot of margin for these things, and after cutting people 20% they still had to let me go. 

I was pretty scared at first, but I had a month of work left, and I determined to make the most of it. I checked out my options and figured out that I would be able to have insurance and income. I kept my attitude positive and did not engage in gossip about it. My coworkers were horrified, as I was office manager-what would they do without me? Which got me to thinking-What would I like to do? What was my favorite part of my job? Surely not making the coffee...

I got my ducks in a row and figured out that this is the opportunity I always needed in order to start my own consulting business and work from home. So, my business is underway. I'm taking a QuickBooks class, joining the Council on Aging, doing yoga and basket weaving, setting up my business...AND I still have time to blog. It's time I checked in with all my blogging friends, so here I come! 

Meanwhile, enjoy the spring weather, dear friends.

PS: My new computer keeps opening everything with the tiniest fonts. Did you know you can enlarge anything on the screen by pressing Control + ? It works for me. I don't know if the older computers have that feature, but it sure beats eyestrain!