Friday, February 17, 2012

Bogging Down...Springing Back!

Like Dawn at The Feathered Nest, I have bogged down a bit. Have made more messes and not been working very hard at the big downsize I spoke about last time. But it's only a small setback, I think! My foot is healing and I'm finally getting around better-one crutch (sometimes none!) is better than a wheelchair.

Today I had a spurt of energy (could it be the Prednisone I'm taking?) Spent a few hours cleaning and organizing the kitchen. Made squash/sweet potato/yellow beet/apple/garlic soup. Yummy previously roasted veggies and chopped apples in chicken broth with ginger and green curry powder, pureed. Coconut milk would have been good here, but I was out of it. I usually like soups to be more tasty and savory, but this is velvety and soothing. A nice change from the norm! I've been concentrating on my diet, as Winter can take a toll on my nails, hair, skin, etc. I'm making my own fresh sprouts for a daily salad, and keeping the sweets to a minimum. I love sprouting. I am my own local grower of fresh live food in the winter!

It has been a weird winter (still!) We've had very little snow, and what we get is usually melted off by noon. The nights are cool or cold and the days often above freezing. I don't know how this bodes for Spring or Summer water issues-or if we will have a good season for maple sugaring. Waiting to see, and looking forward to my first digging in the big flowerpots in early April.

I spent time today exploring my friend Jennifer's new blog, alotomaterial about her farm and the exploits of her goats, horses and chickens, experiments with goat cheeses, etc. She has a great sense of humor and is so full of energy, making the farm her full-time job at 50!  Visit her and check it out! Jennifer is the one who got me started on Pinterest, which I am enjoying immensely! Who needs TV with all this great computer networking and entertainment? This may actually help me taper off on the magazine buying....Hmmm.

Yes, those magazines. I spent at least 3 weeks tearing up old magazines and recycling the remaining parts. I have years' worth of Country Home and Mary Englebreit's Home Companion that I can't part with, so I tore out all the 2 sided ad pages. (obsessive? excessive?) I have not finished, but it is an ongoing project, that I know!

So one night last week after computing for hours, losing at hearts and solitaire till my eyes bugged out, I actually opened a new notebook, got out my purple pen and started planning the way to reducing my belongings by 50%, my goal for the year. I actually wrote a plan for every room and what to get rid of and how. I drew in new plans for shelving and storage and made a space (on paper) in my "walk-in-closet" (old bedroom) for my exercise bike and treadmill. I don't have a place I can use them now, and they are in the way. I need to get into shape after such an inactive winter!

Well, that spurt of creative energy spawned another idea, which had been trying to develop in my head. Rustique Resale! If I rearrange and neaten up the "Warehouse" I could have weekly tag sales in it! I thought of making an event of the first one to get people interested-advertising, balloons, signs, refreshments, etc. I could do April - October, as the room is not heated for winter use. I think it would be sweet to have a little store right here, surrounded by my garden out the screen door. I had originally turned it into a screen-porch by screening in the garage door that used to serve as a loading dock. I need to talk to the town clerk and see what is involved-permitting, etc. The building is zoned commercial, so that should be okay. Now to keep my energy up for it! I have a few friends who are slightly interested in doing it with me. I think they are just waiting for me to actually get it up and running first!

I've done a couple of collages in the last week, one to prepare for the collage class I "taught" at the Senior Center, and the one I did there. The first one was fun, but I didn't edit enough. It is sort of a mishmash. The second one, though simple, is rather sweet, I think. I will hang it with twisted purple wire. I want to do more paper creation to get ready for fall craft fairs this year. I've been thinking about maps a lot...and banners and sheet music and birds... Action, Action!

Hope you all have a lovely week, and remember that Spring will be here sooner than we think!