Monday, November 28, 2011

Hello, My Friends!

Oops, It happened again! I woke up and it's 3 months since my last post! A lot has been going on with me and I have had to keep my computer usage low for health reasons (long story). I have missed you all and hope to get back into visiting you soon!

So, my last post announced my imminent trip to Cape Cod with my friend Trisha. I just looked at those pictures again and decided to share them with you, now that winter weather is settling into New England.

We took off for the Cape the second week of September in the morning.  It is usually a 3 hour trip, give or take a little for traffic, etc., but instead of taking the usual way, we were following the directions from the owner of the cottage we rented. Big mistake! Providence is not on the way to Cape Cod from Western Mass! We pulled into town 5 hours later to find a charming little 2-bedroom cottage. Cute, cozy and totally equipped including a bottle of wine set out for us. We were several blocks away from the main roads and only a couple of blocks from the beach, so it was quiet and breezy the whole time.

We spent our days driving around exploring the area. We visited a lavender cottage, a winery, lots of lighthouses, shopped in Hyannis and Provincetown. We went on a seal watch and were surrounded by the adorable creatures fishing off the sandy shelves. We discovered pottery shops including one that made pottery castles. The grounds were a fairy land of castles, ponds, figurines, etc. Then there was wonderful seafood meals a couple of times a day. I was in seafood heaven!

We had beautiful balmy weather every day and the only cloud we saw was the day we went to Long Point Lighthouse. There was a big black cloud front coming over, adding drama to the sky for the photoshoot!

We walked to the beach in the evenings to watch the sun set, sipped wine and watched movies till we wound down and slept like babies in the soft sea air.

Friend Trisha
Now, after the Halloween Blizzard and a couple more wet snowstorms, fall is over in Western Mass, and winter is wrapping her cold, colorless fuzz around us. I have encased the porch in plastic sheeting to protect us from the west wind. I found it a good place to shelter some of my pots of perennials, as long as I remember to water them. I already miss that lovely outdoor room, and look forward to sitting out there again in April or May!

My porch, summer rain

The Saturday before Halloween, we had a huge blizzard! Pretty unusual to have snow that early. We got about a foot and a half of wet heavy snow, but a couple of towns North of here had almost 3 feet! Most of the trees still had leaves on them, so the heavy snow broke limbs and tore trees down all over the place, knocking down electrical and telephone wires.

I stayed with my Mom and her wood stove, she was without power for 2 days. Funny, you never think of the little things-I had not gotten gas before the blizzard hit, and couldn't find any stations open. I manually dragged Mom's garage door up and we got her car out and went to my house. Strangely enough, just up the hill from Mom, where I live, we never lost power! Brother Jim gave me a couple of gallons and told me to go up country and fill up there. It was just the opposite from most storms that hit the hills and taper off down in the valley. My aunt and uncle in Northern Connecticut were without power for 8 days! Needless to say, I was glad to get home.

Today was sunny and got into the 50's-what a treat! I savor the sunny days, storing up energy for the bleak months ahead. I am determined to keep my spirits high this winter and look for the beauty around me.

Hope you all enjoy your days!