Monday, December 7, 2009

Craft fairs, revisited

Here it is Dec. 7th already. I did my third craft fair this weekend, and I've decided to severely limit my craft fairs in the future. In this fair, our setup was on the second floor (up 30 stairs) of an old town hall, cold, no tables, etc. It was a town wide event with lots of advertising. I made a modest amount, but when the commission comes out of it, it will be pretty piddling. I enjoyed the networking with other crafters, but it was really too much work hauling tables up and down the stairs. The second day we got heat. Then I needed a crew, my brother and niece, to help me get it all back downstairs. Etsy, here I come! So I will work on developing my blog and starting an on-line store. Yippee, I have a plan.

Tonight I hope to be able to set up a picture gallery or a slide show for viewing.

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