Friday, January 1, 2010

A New Day, A New Year!

Happy New Year!  We all say it over and over, but what does it mean?  Is it like Happy Birthday, referring to a day? Or like have a great year? Should I wait and see if it will be a happy year? What if sad things happen? Can I still have a happy year?

In my younger years, I went with the flow-observing where I was going, but not sure if I influenced the flow too much. When I began practicing Buddhism and discovered the idea of cause and effect, I started to realize that I made my own flow by the causes I made. I became a person who decided to do something, then actually DID it.  I eventually realized how that thinking puts me in the "driver's seat" of my own life. I'm writing the script, I can make it be what I want.

The next thing was to want something. I had to work my way out of complacency into a person who makes goals. It took me weeks to start writing down what I wanted, then I turned it into an art project I call a tag journal.

First I altered 5 tags with two different scrapbook papers. On the tops of one I wrote I AM:,  on the next one- I LOVE:, then continued with I DREAM OF:, I WANT: and I NEED:. I had a nice fine-point marker, so it was fun to start the word association on I AM. I am cool, music lover, artistic, gray haired, etc. You get the picture! I took me a few days to complete the tags, as I really opened my mind and started a dialog with myself. By the time I got to the I Need tag, I knew what my goals were.

Next, I made a large tag out of chipboard and altered it with nice scrapbook papers. (it is about 10" by 18") I put a picture of me on it and some pertinent quotes and journaling. I made two rows of pockets to put my tags in, so the tops show. I hang that one on the wall. It has accumulated a few other tags over the years.

Finally, I altered a small Tag Journal with the same papers as the large tag, and filled it with meaningful quotes and pictures of me. Many old ones (when I was cute) and newer ones, even though I didn't like my looks. I stamped and wrote on the front. I made a pocket at the back for my tags to reside and hung fibers from the tag holes. This is the portable version!

I did that project 5 years ago, and in those years, I have accomplished many of those goals. When I slip back into complacency, which is apt to happen in the dark of winter or when sad things happen, I look back at my tag journal and refresh my goals. I never want to forget what I can accomplish if I set my mind to it. My art has progressed a lot in 5 years, and I know I will continue to advance. So Happy New Year to me means--Create a happy life! 


  1. WOW! Sounds like a great way to discover one's direction! I buy lots of books on discovering one's true purpose, creativity, etc.
    For years, I joked about publishing 'Delia's Book of Hairbrained Schemes', and I spend a lot of time searching back to what ifs and if onlies.

    One of my old dreams was to write, and you, dear one have helped set me free to do so!

    so..Tag, Your It!

  2. Thank you for leaving a comment @ my blog, Sherry, because now I've found yours! I've added your blog to my blogroll - I know from just this post alone, I will love reading and seeing everything you have to share.

  3. Thanks for following! I love reading your blog too.


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