Friday, January 8, 2010

What A Day!

Did this ever happen to you? I blogged till 2:30 AM, then got up to go look for a new car. I have needed one for a long time, and wished for all-wheel drive, roof rack, hatchback, low miles, affordable, etc. I looked at one that seemed like a good deal, but high mileage, and older. Then I found it. It is all of the above and in top notch shape. The salesman was adorable and very pleasant. I took a test drive, went out for a late lunch while they tried to finance me, then went home and awaited the call. It came! I'm financed with a lower price than we had settled on.  YAY! I pick it up on Sunday. 

Coming home, I was aware that I felt spacey, what with my new car dreams and lack of sleep, so I kept my eyes on the road and followed the speed limit. I got home and made some calls, worked on my blog, ate supper and then tripped and FELL face down on the floor! I'm no lightweight, so my housemates came running when they heard the crash.  I laid there till I figured out nothing was broken, then they helped me up. My "good" right knee and my left wrist are rugburned and swelling, so I'm icing and taking anti-inflamatories. My nurse-practitioner friend Meg told me to put arnica on it, so here I am!  Cold, gooey and sore.

But back to the car! It's gray, which I didn't want, but I can work with it. It is a good neutral for me with my silver/gray hair. Trisha thinks I could accessorize it with a bright throw and pillows. I thought of a big daisy on the antenna and a bright commuter mug.  Maybe matching litter bucket and umbrella? Or rugs--I saw some cute ones somewhere...  Okay, back to the ice pack and a good book.

Have a warm and cozy weekend!

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  1. Well, Sherry! Stop attacking the rug, already!
    New Wheels! OOOHHH! Gives one a real 'lift'! Ha-Ha!

    You are off to a good start, achieving one of your goals. Can't wait to see the car!


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