Friday, May 24, 2013

I'm Still Here...or A Rainy Day In May

Yes, I'm still in Heaven taking care of the dogs.

Lovely old stone walls snake through the woods
It's been rainy and thunder-stormy, and they get weird in the stormy weather. I was able to calm Brio by crating him, then Zoe, the sweet female jumped into bed with me at 2AM on Tuesday night. It took 2 hours of trying to calm her before I finally threw her out and shut the door. After a few minutes she stopped panting and whimpering and went to sleep. Lucky Zoe, I was up for another hour trying to relax my chattering mind.

After the first day of showers
Tomorrow I move back home. It's been almost 3 weeks away, and my house is seeming more and more like a comfort. I will need to clean cat fur off of every soft surface, but Snuggles will be like velcro for a while, till she gets used to having me home.

After the second day of storms
Meanwhile, in my daily commutes, I can't resist taking pictures of this little waterfall and other special fairy-woods vignettes. Hope you enjoy them.

I'm pretty sure fairies live here!

Have a great holiday weekend!



  1. My dog hates storms too! He's 100 pounds, so he has to stay on the floor, but I give him lots of love. I enjoyed your fairy pics of the woods and lovely!

  2. Wow Sherry, yo've really captured the beauty of spring in the hills! Of course the cold today is a bit much but otherwise it's very pretty...


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