Thursday, May 9, 2013

Having a CUTE Day in Heaven!

I'm in Heaven!   

That is, I'm house and dog sitting at the most fabulous place. It's about 25 minutes from my house and the last 3-4 miles are a lonesome dirt road and a long driveway. The dogs are two Australian Shepherds-we love each other!

The grounds overlook layers of Southern Berkshire mountains. Flowers have popped open this past week, and the yard abounds with hyacinth, daffodils, tulips, and beautiful flowering trees of many colors. The garden is already feeding me with fresh asparagus and lettuce. I love staying here!

Supper with feta cheese
Sitting here at the dining room table, the only place my computer wants to work, I look out on a small flowering tree beside several bird feeders. Yesterday I spotted bluejays, mourning doves, goldfinches, a nuthatch, rose breasted grosbeaks, and a Baltimore oriole-all coming and going at the same time. I watched them through dinner and into the evening. What a wonder to see them all together~I don't see that at my house! I even spotted a bluebird the day before.

Cute fern fiddleheads
It rained last night, and the forest is especially lush and green. Cute little plants are uncurling and blooming everywhere: violets, trillium, cowslip, vinca, fiddlehead ferns. Fresh little leaves unfurling, uncurling, poking through the carpet of last year's droppings.

Acres of vinca
So cute!
We used to call them cowslips
Violets in clover
Cute little waterfalls in the ditches and chattering squirrels in the trees. Peepers jingling a chorus in the swamps and ponds. A hawk makes a game of flying with me as I drive down the last stretch of road.  Like I said, Heaven!

Worlds tiniest waterfall

Coming home this evening, the sky was wonderful! Big bunchy gray clouds making fluff over all. Sun peeking through the holes and lining the edges. I love this time of day, when photos can't do the lighting justice, but I just have to take pictures anyway.

I'm here for 2 more weeks. I wonder what will unfold by then? Birds nesting and leaves maturing, fawns born. Maybe the 17-year cicadas will be out by then~we're expecting gazillions of them in the Eastern states.

My camera is taking a beating. I dropped it today onto the stone-floor of the mud-room and now the battery pack won't close completely. It still seems to work okay, these digitals are amazing. I am hoping to have a new crop of greeting cards  and photo prints ready for my summer art show in July.

I hope you find your own spot of Heaven on Earth this spring!


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  1. Hi Sherry,
    So long ago, and very funny that you was on my mind the day before you commented on my blog!! I don`t know why, but you just entered my mind :-)
    What gorgeous photoes from your surroundings.. so many special flowers, that I will never see in the forests here! The Trilium so gorgeous,- and that water running looks beautiful! I so understand you call this being in heaven!
    Thankyou for your kind comment, dear- and have a wonderful week!


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