Saturday, February 9, 2013

Some Rose in my Cheeks

Here I've been sitting since my knee replacement surgery, January 10th. Recovering well, taking short rides to the store, thinking about going back to work Monday.  It has been a quiet winter, weather-wise until yesterday!

We got "dumped" with 2+ feet of snow. I didn't attempt to go out and look at it till the sun came out this afternoon, then I needed to shovel my car out and get the camera! Carefully walking with my walking stick and carefully shoveling, I got into the back seat and found the camera. I thought it would be dead from the cold, but it had enough "juice" to give me a few pictures.

I remember when I was a kid, we lived in the house as Dad was building it. He never did finish it, and we had to hustle a lot to make it look done enough to sell in 1995. There were always wires hanging out of future switches in the walls. Big black or white covered wires. He would tell us they were safe, cause they had no juice in them.

Nephew, Jason

I, of course, thought he meant orange juice...I had a limited diet back then and it was the only juice we commonly drank...We still call it juice when there's no power in a line, and I live in an old place that has some holes in the ceiling with those big black and white cords cut and hanging out. But, don't worry, there's no juice in them!

It felt so good to get out in the sun this morning that I may try to venture out again after I eat lunch. My cheeks are still cold and rosy.

Out my plastic protected porch!

Hope you are all safe, warm and cozy, and that you have juice!




  1. Hello Sherry
    Goodness me... I've never seen snow like that except up the mountain!!
    Looks wonderful to me but I know looks are deceiving and the mere fact that you have to shovel to see your car...
    I'm visiting many blogs with snow images at the mo - one thing that surprises me is no garage for the cars - can you enlighten me please!
    I live in a temperate climate and most homes in New Zealand have a garage too!!!!!!

    Good to know your knee is progressing - it's quite a process.

    Enjoy your Sunday.
    Shane ♥

  2. Hi sweet Sherry!!! You are one of the winners of my lavender sachets dear friend!! Please email me your mailing address to ~ hugs and love, Dawn


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