Sunday, February 24, 2013

Creative Daydreaming

Hello Everyone,
My shabby-unchic front entry
I hope this season isn't dragging you down. I often get a little shaggy about now, not seeing any signs of Spring and dreaming about my garden~as you can see, we are not even close! So I took a few quick snapshots (sorry, the quality is questionable!) and got busy cheering myself up...

Please excuse the yellow! It really is a soft aged-look beige...
What brightened up my week was finding out that I won one of Sweet Dawn's adorable lavender sachets! Dawn's blog, ~The Feathered Nest~ is one of my favorites. She blogs daily and shares her wonderful artwork, sweet downloadable pictures, and best of all-stories and pictures of her family and their wonderful farm.  Thank you Dawn~I'm thrilled, to say the least!

My weekend "fix"
As we were expecting another Nor'easter this weekend, (which turned into just rain) I ran out and got myself some inspirational magazines. I'm not a TV watcher, as we have no reception here, so I needed a decorating "fix".

I LOVE this idea and the COLORS! (MM)
As I've mentioned before, I hope to be moving this year into Mom's house and I'm seriously getting excited about the change of scenery and the upcoming fresh start on decorating my nest there. Matthew Mead's style is right up my alley! His magazine, though a bit pricy, is chock full of beautiful decorating style, with tutorials for almost everything and no ads! It is more than a magazine, and I will keep mine as a reference.

Lamp tutorial (MM)
 Not only how to make a lamp, but to make a sweet shade too.

 AND complete directions on refinishing a table in my favorite color. What can I say?

Great idea for old useless books! (FMS)

I always wait with bated (not baited) breath for Flea Market Style to come out. It is bi-annual, so it's a long time coming. It started 3 years ago and I haven't missed an issue yet. Ki Nassauer takes us flea marketing and shows what to do with all that great junque~the book shelves above speak for themselves! I have a huge collection of junky books I've picked up to collage out of or alter in some way or another. This is a fun way to use some of them up. And there is a great guide to the best flea markets around the country in every issue. This year I am hoping to get to a few!

Things to make with old quilts-love the soft colors! (RH)
Then there's Romantic Homes-I love it! Such beautiful pictures, great ideas and daydreams galore! I have been just sitting around here daydreaming for three days. Well, I've watered my jungle, done a few batches of laundry, cooked, ate, done dishes, and spent hours on Pinterest, too!

I found a new way to unstick labels from jars on Pinterest, so I worked on my big stash of saveable storage jars. The recipe I worked out is 1 part coconut oil, melted and mixed with 2-3 parts of baking soda. Make a paste, smear it on the glue and let it sit for a few hours, then scrub it off under hot running water. It works best if you peel most of the paper off first.  I envision my "new" kitchenette to have open shelves with everything stored in recycled jars. I may spray the covers with black chalk paint, so I can label them.  If you want to check out my daydreams, follow me on Pinterest with these links or the button on the right. (I take no credit, I only collect what I love) Pinterest can consume hours, so use caution!

Well, I hope you all have a great week or 3, till I "see you" again!



  1. So nice to hear from you again, Sherry!

    I spend a little time on Pinterest almost every day. Wonderful inspiration and ideas to try (and I have tried a few) there. I'll have to check out these magazines. I've never seen a Matthew Mead issue - sounds great!

    Stay warm & happy!

  2. Dear Sherry, it is so nice to stop by here - such beautiful imagery. You sure have a LOT of snow, gosh, I can so understand you long for spring, but it will be here.;) Not much time left of the winter season now.;)

  3. You spend "hours" on Pinterest?!? Gee, seems like I spend DAYS ;) Guess I better be more careful - I will aspire to be more like you! Wow - hours?!?! I really have my work cut out for me....

    Romeo sends his love and warm head bonks!



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