Friday, June 1, 2012

Rhapsodising in Bloom

Hi All,

I'm so excited-I just won "Doodling in French" by Anna Corba from the blog! I've always admired the art of Anna Corba, her clean and simple style. I can't wait to see what is in her new book! Check out the blog. There is much to see there, and new ideas almost every day.

We had some hot humid weather over the holiday weekend, which turned dry and gorgeous most of the week, interspersed with rainstorms. Ideal weather, I think. I love cool breezy evenings on the porch. Summer is not here officially, but it seems to be. I have been wandering back and forth in my sparse gardens, mostly containers, looking at the progress there. Perennials have all come back to life and there are buds and blooms all over the place. I have finally had some luck with my clematis (!) after years of trying. I have lots of blooms on both of them!  Not the gorgeous full vines that a neighbor has wrapped around her mailbox, but blooms, nevertheless! Oops, no pictures yet! But here is my huechera:

This week I got the pleasure of pet sitting at one of my favorite places with the prettiest gardens. I love this place. It has a view to die for and two lovely Australian shepherds. Did I mention the gym, the pool, the greenhouse, the vegetable garden, the raspberry patch...we should all be so lucky!


Her flowers beckoned me as the sun was going down. This little corner garden has always thrilled me in the late afternoon. The sun sets early here, as there is a woodsy hill to the west. The light reflects off the garage and stone walls, flowers scent the screened porch...

I don't know what this is but I love it!

Right now, I'm sitting here under the influence of peonies. Their heady scent has inspired this post. I planted this peony about 4 years ago expecting that sweet soft light pink...what I got was this amazing luscious magenta! This year, I finally have enough blossoms to pick a few. I added some clippings from my pink willow for contrast. (The willow is really a lovely pink, mottled with green)

Ooh, flash not working-yucky color!
I am going through an especially busy time right now, and am missing you all. I have lots of artistic ideas in my head and no time to do them yet. I recently spent an evening watching an old mini-series on Netflix and I deconstructed several old Readers Digest condensed books. Their covers are so pretty, I am thinking of using them for a new line of something...even the spines will be used. And I want to try antiquing the coverless pages into book bundles. Karen Valentine of My Desert Cottage gives a tutorial here-looks like fun! Karen has a wonderful blog-check her out!  Hopefully I can get my hands into the mod podge and have some artistic fun soon. Meanwhile...

Another bad photo, but you get the idea!

I hope you are all enjoying warm weather and blooms!

Joyous June!


  1. Hi Sherry,

    thanks for your nice comments. How lucky you won the Anna Corba book. I love Anna's work and was able to take a class from her at Silver Bella a few years ago. Have fun with it!

    Sharon :-)

  2. WHOA! You won a contest at Stampington?!?!?! There must have been like thousands of entries but YOU won!!!! ConCATulations!!!! And as if that wasn't enough you got to see all those beautiful flowers - especially love that pale poppy! Never seen one of those! Now it might not taste so good, but it sure looks wonderful!

    Okay back to catching up on all I've missed on your blog....



  3. Yes, I am lucky! That book is really sweet, and I can really get doodling much better now! Not only is it step-by-step, but it is filled with Anna's wonderful collages and images too.
    Thanks for visiting!

  4. Such beautiful photoes of the flowers Sherry, so wonderful to pet sit in such surroundings!
    Happy creating with your new book,dear.


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