Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Sky is Holding its Breath...

Hello out there in Blogland!

Yes, the sky is holding it's breath. Its cheeks are full and it is ready to blow that blizzard down on us! Many of you have already had your blizzard. It is creeping up the coast and should arrive in New England any minute now. We packed both of our small cars into Jim's workshop/garage with no space to spare. That will make it easier to plow in the morning.

I'm looking forward to having a snow day tomorrow (Wednesday). If I can get some pictures, I'll let you see them.  I'm just getting into a new book, so I can snuggle with Snuggles and Fluffy and read and Blog.

Stay Tuned!



  1. Dear Sherry,
    I can see from your beautifull photoes, that your surroundings are similar to what mine were, 12 dayes ago,-for the moment we don`t get snow, and there is no minus grades-the big amounts of snow we had, starting to dissapear.But mother nature desides,if or when there will be more winter weather.
    I love to see the promise of spring ,in the background and banner of your blog, Sherry.
    Hope you are able to get out your door today, :)

  2. Sherry,
    Just beautiful! So still, I can hear an iced branch braking off in the distance. Hope you get that snow day, but stay warm inside.
    It's a nightmare around here when it snows & ices too much. This state is not prepared. Power goes off (we lost it for 4 days last year). So staying home... kinda miserable.

  3. Oh, I love your pictures! Especially the tree at the end of your post- breathtaking!
    I'm sorry I have not been visiting much of anyone in blogland, I have so missed coming here and seeing what you have been up to.
    Hope you had a great holiday season!

  4. Beautiful photos Sherry! I hope you are happy, safe and warm tucked in at home today enjoying a day of puttering about. I was just watching the news about all the snow, even in the south. Just crazy! Take care! Best wishes, Tammy

  5. Beautiful shots, Sherry! I hope you do get to snuggle in and enjoy your day!!!

  6. Ohhh... how beautiful! Thanks for sharing the pictures. I already miss the snow. Its just rain again here in Holland...;-((
    So enjoy!!

    Kind regards

  7. Your images are out of this world. This is when Winter is absolutely enchanting.;)
    Unfortunately our snow is slowly melting and i am afraid midwinter will greet us with gray landscape... I will so miss the white blanket, so enjoy yours for me as well and stay warm.;)

  8. Stunning photos in which it really does look like the sky is holding it's breath!!!!! I hope that when it finally let's go, you are inside safe and warm and enjoying your read and furry company!!!!



  9. What beautiful pictures, the stark white against dark tree branches and roads. Snuggle, read and stay warm. Gerry

  10. Oooh! LOVE the pictures, Sherry! So glad you can snuggle in with good books and maybe some crafts to do??

  11. Hi Sherry, just wonderful photo's my friend. Good to catch up with you.Enjoy your weekend ... love Rina from sunny Australia

  12. I have never experienced snow like this and I think it is beautiful. My brother who lives in England says... it isn't as wonderful as people think... it is freezing! I still would love to see it like this just once. Stunning photo's.


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