Sunday, December 5, 2010

I'm A Color and Texture Freak

I looked for my camera for weeks and here it is. So now I can write, as I have pictures to show you. I love to take pictures in the evening when the sun slants over the landscape burnishing the roadside weeds and leaving long shadows in it's wake.

Cloudy days can be fun too, as the colors soften and the sky can be dramatic.

Sometimes the colors can take your breath away!


This is Stubby's barn, what's left of it. It isn't safe to be near, as boards can just pop off by the pressure of their bending.

The largest part of the barn has already fallen and been taken away. No one wants to take on the job of dismantling, as it is too dangerous. Nature will have her way. She already has, notice the texture of this wood and stone...

Stubby used to raise and train oxen. He used to drive his team by our house a couple of times a year to show or walk in parades. The country fairs around here still have ox pulls and horse and even tractor pulls. I love to watch the oxen. Their relationship to their trainers is often wonderful to see. They strain and pull and seem to revel in their strength.

Just over the hill from Stubby's is what we call the Dead Swamp. None of my local friends have ever seen anything alive here.

I want to prove them wrong. Swamps are just filled with life! Even if you don't see a moose or a great blue heron, there is life there. Look closely and you will see a beaver lodge way in the back...

The leaves are gone now and color is pretty dull. But on these frosty mornings, I get excited. I love the way the frost rimes each blade of grass and weed and twig. The textures of late fall, like spiced cider,  warm the blood:

 and in winter, just when you think black and gray and white will overwhelm you,

 you have but to look around you to find color again!

Yes, I'm a color and texture freak! I've discovered that surrounding myself with color makes me so happy!  I will spend my winter photo shoots looking for that color surprise, that texture that intrigues the imagination.

The decorating magazines show all white interiors and stress shades and textures with a pop of color. Mother Nature was the original decorating doyenne--Move over Martha!

Enjoy the color surrounding you!


  1. Sherry, dear,
    this is a wonderfull tour, you took me on, what a fantastic and diverce nature, surrounds you,-and you made the most beautifull photoes,I so love the colors,-but the white winter ones are very gorgeus, too.

  2. Glad you found your camera, Sherry! LOVE all your pictures~just wish I'd had a cup of hot cider to sip while I was looking at them..would've been a perfect experience then!:-)
    Hope this season is cheery and bright for you!!

  3. Glad you found your camera as your photos are always so wonderful. I especially like the one of the gate and the old barns. Have a good week~

  4. I simply love to stop by here as at times I feel we are kindred spirits when it comes to nature viewing and photography. I can relate to everything you write here and i always love all your images. This time around the second photo from the top and the second to the last took my breath away; they are autumn and winter in images.;))
    Here we are in deep snow for the second consecutive week. Snow has never arrived this early before, and we have had the coldest day in November in the last 100 years.;) Now lets just hope it last to Christmas.;)

  5. WOWSER Ms. Sherry!!!! I am so glad that you found your camera - to have not seen these pictures....oh that would have been so sad. These are so gorgeous - it's almost like being there!!!! Thank you for sharing!!!!

    Um, regarding Snuggles and reindeer antlers....did you notice that it was NOT me in that picture?!! Only the large fluffy one could be convinced. Anyone else "she" tried it on swung their head around and around until they popped off. Snuggles dear....RUN!



  6. Oh my, oh my they are amazing! I'm also glad you found your camera. It's beautiful to see them through your camera's eye but I imagine the real thing is unbelievable breathtaking.
    Thank you for sharing with us!!

  7. Fall into winter. I love autumn colors and sideways warmth (funny, don't care for the colors on me in clothing though)...

  8. The scenery is just amazing in your neck of the woods...and your photos capture it's beauty perfectly.

  9. How did I miss this post??? These photos are absolutely gorgeous!

  10. What a beautiful show! Each one is outstanding. Gerry


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