Thursday, October 7, 2010

Watercolor World

A short post today...

It's one of those cloudy/sunny days and the clouds are moving so fast that I can't get outside quick enough for picture taking. The wind is gusting and Autumn is here, Right Here!

The past 3 days it rained, and the colors on the trees were pretty, though the days were dark. Looking out my office window, I saw watercolors. I couldn't resist taking a couple of pictures of the crabapple tree and the woods around the building.

These crabapple trees have given me much pleasure in the few years we have been here in our new building. They were donated by a local landscaper, Jim McSweeney of  Hilltown Tree and Garden. They tickle my senses all year. In the Spring they are the fullest, pinkest trees around.

The Winter brings snow and devastating ice storms. I captured these after one of those ice storms that had power out for 4 days and trees broken all over the area.

But that is a month or two away, and I'm going to live for today...Oops, here's the sun again!
Have a Sunny Week!


  1. It's so beautiful to see the many seasons of the trees. From Spring to Winter, they are still beautiful.

    Enjoy your weekend.


  2. Beautiful photos Sherry! Although I have to say, as beautiful as the snow photos are I don't think I'm ready for winter quite yet! Glad to see you back in blogland!

  3. Hi Sherry! Thanks for visiting my blog! We have ice storms here is Missouri also. It is really getting beautiful there....keep those gorgeous fall photos coming.



  4. Your pics are just beautiful. I don't know what it is like to have ice storms, but I do know in pictures, they produce some beautiful images!!!
    It's going to be pretty warm here still for a few weeks, but fall is coming!!!

  5. I've been taking pictures of some berries today.
    I like your blog background.

  6. Absolutely stunning images! What a beautiful recollection of season of your trees...
    Lovely posts and sentiments showing that each season holds so much beauty if we only care to look,

  7. So beautiful.
    I think you should make youself some crab apple jam with those. You could enjoy them even more in the mornings on a piece of toast.

  8. Beautiful photos! Love seeing the different seasons together. Enjoy the fall weather! I think we've gone back to summer here in the south.

  9. I found your blog when I was at Melanie's. I love these photos and read on to some of your other postings. I have only been to New England once and am so envious of all the color you have there and the gorgeous barns. It was funny seeing Georgetown, Colorado in your photos. We live in Georgetown, California and have had friends send us postcards from the Colorado one and a friend has also done some endurance racing in Leadville. So, it was great to see it through your eyes as well. Loved those hot springs. If I ever get back to Colorado I will have to visit them. They look incredible!

  10. WOW! Ms. Sherry, those are some kind of beautiful photos and those trees....I could sit and watch those for hours....the birds do fly in and about them don't they ;)

    And your new blog design?!? Another wow!!! Sooooo purrfect for you!! Has it really been that long since I stopped by for a visit or did you just recently do this??!

    I hope you had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed the fall colors!


    Romeo and "her"

  11. Sherry, I love the new look of your blog. Great design! I wanted to let you know I stopped by the cute little gift shack, Posies by Piper. I found and bought a few great treasures, one being a Mexican yarn painting! Thanks for the post/tip to check it out and the directions. Hope you are well!


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