Friday, October 29, 2010

On Polka-dotted Horses and Speckled Trees

Every year at this time I go crazy. I can't stand to stay indoors or to stay home. I drive all over the countryside, sometimes grid-like--up and down every road in a certain area--looking for the perfect picture.

Fall is winding down, the Last Hurrah before the black and white winter sets in. I can't let all this glorious color go to waste. Then, what if I could find a bunch of mating turkeys or llamas in the fall foliage? I must make the most of every opportunity! The camera stays in the car full-time.

My friend Elaine joined me on Columbus day and we took a glorious ride. There were so may beautiful places, that certain quality of light I seek.  Elaine found the perfect pumpkin!

And a polka dotted horse.  She was so sweet, posing for me and showing us her good side!  (She must have thought so, anyway. She wouldn't turn the other way so I could take a picture of the heart on her flank.)

The next day, Tuesday, the surgeon called to see if I wanted to move my knee replacement surgery up one week, and I got busy doing all the prep work and never finished this posting.

So here it is 12 days after surgery and I'm doing well. I'm exercising with and without a physical therapist and I had my staples out today. I can already tell this knee will be a HUGE improvement over the old one!  When I can sit in this office chair for longer periods I'll get back into the swing of things!

Meanwhile, I miss you all and will visit you when I can. Get on out there and enjoy your days!



  1. Hi Sherry, so glad to hear you are doing well after knee replacement surgery. I had knee surgery when I was a teenager and my knees have never been the same since. Fortunately, they haven't popped out of place in quite some time. I do try to be careful in what I do so as not to aggravate them. People don't realize how important our knees are until problems start to surface. I love walking but recently have such pain (I get my bunions from my mom -- THANKS MOM!). Ha! Anyways, the pictures with those post are glorious. Of course, we get no fall foliage or color around here. Our weather is cooling down (if you can call 96 during the day cool) -- but this is the time of year when everyone starts to plant, so I spent a couple of hours on the balconies yesterday, repotting and cleaning. Makes me happy to be surrounded by happy colors. Hope you have a great weekend. Continue to be well. :) Tammy

  2. Absolutely stunning images, that leave me speechless... Fall is beautiful with all her colours and splendor.
    I hope you will recover fully soon, have a lovely weekend dear Sherry,

  3. Gorgeous photos! Especially that horse, he made me smile. Good luck on your surgery! Kit

  4. The pics are beautiful. The horse is wonderful and that barn is awesome!!! Thanks for sharing your drive.

  5. Hi dear Sherry, good to hear your operation went well, and that you are already doing better than before :)
    Love that hors ,looks so sweet,and nature is just beautifull.
    Hugs, Dorthe

  6. Glad to hear you are on the mend! Lovely pictures! The horse is a Leopard Appaloosa.

  7. Oh my goodness the colours of those trees are heavenly!
    Kat xx

  8. Glad your surgery is over and you are finding it successful. Your photos are absolutely stunning. We never have color quite like that here in the south. Thanks for seeking them out and posting them!

    Continue to get well.


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