Monday, February 1, 2010

85% Finished

Yes, 85%. That is my answer, and I'm sticking to it. The Craft Room redo, that is. I worked on it all weekend except when I went out to lunch Friday and Saturday, had people over Sunday evening and discovered an old friend on Facebook that I had to chat with for hours. Hello Lil Suzie!

First thing, was the mold on the corner of the ceiling, under the roof leak. I know, you're supposed to fix the roof leak first! Well Jim is an Olde Yankee, and they never ask for help.  He has worked on that section of roof 2 or 3 times now, and it still leaks. He can't fix the ceiling till the roof stops leaking, and it's winter and dangerous, etc. I was going to bleach it. But the more I thought of bleaching over my head, the less appealing that sounded. So I covered it with plastic (on a slant, so any new drips would drain off) and I covered the plastic with a white sheet. Clever? (slipshod, I know.)

Moving the furniture was damn near impossible, and even though I live with my brother and nephew and niece, I wouldn't think of asking for help! (see a trend here?) There was no place to put anything in my living room, so I moved things mostly filled, rather than unloading everything. Those Ikea shelves weigh a ton when loaded and don't like to be moved! And those old tables, well they are great, cause the tops are enameled and can be scraped with a razor blade. But the legs are all wobbly and the leaves want to fall off, and the floor is way crooked! So I shimmied and shoved and grunted and groaned till they were in place, then I took Tylenol and slept in the recliner till my knees wanted to work again.
Saturday I finished moving the tables and started to organize the stuff, which is a process of discovery: every piece of paper has to be checked out; everything has to be dusted and read and examined; every gadget and geegaw has to be placed with other gadgets and geegaws; everything that can goes into containers that go onto the shelves; everything else is stacked and awaiting classification. And the magazines have to be looked at again. Trash needs to be hauled out. It's HUGE!  So, I'm about 85 percent done. I seem to have lost the camera in the mess, so I had my computer take the picture. It is mirror image, so it is backwards, but here you go!

 What I have learned from the Studio Redo:
I have too much stuff
Don't spray bleach on the ceiling
Staple guns are not made for human hands
I'm not as strong as I think I am
I need a crew
I have too much stuff
My favorite ivy has scales!
I'm stronger than I think I am
Good enough is good enough
It will never look like a magazine redo
I have too much stuff

On the upside:
The room is flooded with light in the winter, as it faces south. It's cool in the summer, as the other part of the roof shades it in the afternoon. I will have a big L-shaped work surface under a window looking out at the woods and the river. I have tons of ephemera and all kinds of projects waiting to be made and I will have ready access to all my STUFF! Now I can get to work. (well, after that 15 percent next weekend!)

Here's the best part: You All!  Thank you all for visiting me and encouraging me in all my endeavors! As I have mentioned before, I'm so thankful to have found this community of wonderful people who want to exchange ideas, art and encouragement.  I love seeing what you do--the art, the beautiful pictures, the flea market finds, the furniture refinishing, the decorating and projects you are working on, and best of all, your wonderful spirits. I am inspired and empowered every day!  Thank you so much!

P.S. Part two of the Dream Vacation should be out next weekend!


  1. Wow, I'd say it's looking pretty good. Looks like a real big project though. I think you are going to definitely going to have to ask for help.


  2. It looks like it's getting there. I know what you mean about the grunt work first. I don't like that part much. We scraped popcorn off ceilings, painted, new lighting. I'm not as brave or capable as you, so I had to wait for weekends when my husband could help. Finally the good part comes, the putting together. I agree with what you said about re-discovering things & having to re-read the mags. LOL I really like the shelving you have. Looks like cubes or something, boy I could fill those up! Can't wait for the reveal & pics from the dream vaca. Lisa

  3. You do rearranging and organizing like I do. I never ask for help. Prefer to be alone, everyone out of way, and then I grunt and push and groan and pull without taking things off or out in the process. Much easier that way, I think! :) HA! Good luck getting that last bit done. I still want to make one wall along my tv room just for crafting -- need to find a suitable desk and some shelves. That way maybe my dining table will stay clean. You will have a beautiful view from your window for great inspiration. Thanks for your visits to my corner -- and yes, I did do a blog redo. I decided each month, a new header, new music and new background. I like to change things up a bit (often). Have a great day! Tammy PS I also have too much stuff :/

  4. Sherry! You need to: ask. for. help. :)

    It's looking good! Love the sound of all that light in the room & your view.

    I buy & use up things as I go since I have NO space to store stuff. So I don't have a cool studio - just a 40-year-old red toolbox full of art supplies and a few things in the armoire. :)

    Have yourself a wonderful day!

  5. Oh, Sherry, you're a braver woman than I! I'd be in my chiropractor's office by now! Aspirin can be my best friend!

  6. What a great space and that storage untit is a dream. I am always looking for good storage pieces and I love the little cubbies. You're getting there! 15% left.

  7. Your space is going to look wonderful when your done...those cubby shelves are perfect to store all your stuff...and the light shining in is perfect...don't stop now...your almost done.

  8. I always figure I can rig up a curtian,,,lol,,,its a blessing just to have any space to call your own. I guess you did probably find the camera.


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