Monday, December 10, 2012

Different Me

Hi All,

For some reason, this title seems appropriate. I have been concentrating on my health, issues with weight loss, arthritis, bad knee. I have also been at a new job, lots of pet sitting away from home, considering moving in with Mom, etc.

It's almost Christmas, and I long to entertain. But I have come to the conclusion that I am a bad, bad, bad! hoarder. I can't get my house cleaned up enough to have a holiday or a studio open house. I look at pinterest pictures of lovely holiday decorating and drool, but not this year, not here

It was neat once...
I can't seem to get rid of things, which I have to do in a MaJoR wAy! I have been really thinking and rethinking the move to Mom's next Spring-I will have two main rooms. One will serve as bed, kitchen, craft studio, and the other a nice living room/office. 

What to get rid of?
As is my way, I have started to obsess about how I will live there. How to arrange which furniture? How much kitchen do I need if I can use Mom's too? Do I need ALL that craft stuff? How can I make it neat?  Those thoughts keep me up at night and I plan and replan. Every time I go over there, that big room gets smaller. I really need to measure it out and plan accordingly.

Most of us find our clutter growing and growing. Many manage it on a regular basis. The clutter management cells in my brain seem to have shut down and I've become overwhelmed, but I'm not yet ready for the TV show, Please!!!

The former screenporch
In September I had a tag sale in my old screenporch, which is now my warehouse. I made $300, but it doesn't look like a dent out of the whole. Where I live, it is hard to get people to stop and buy. If my brother hadn't set up an outside area with lots of car parts, motorcycles, musical instruments and electronics, I probably would have had half the traffic.

My craft room in better days...
I have a plan, though. A girl's gotta have a plan!  This winter, including about 6 weeks of recovery time for knee surgery, I hope to go through and box everything I can for keeping and for selling. What I don't want to bring with me goes to an auction house. Yes. I want out! I have emotional issues surrounding my stuff. I keep ... well you know. All I have to do is make two choices: keep, sell. Someone else handles the selling and it all goes at once! Good plan? I hope so!

But you should (NOT) see it now!
Sorry I have been a bad blogger lately, but I feel like a transitional time has come over me. I need to change and grow my art into something bigger (literally) and more original. I have a lot of ideas, but not the motivation or the space (I know) to carry it out. The clutter is not only in my house, but also my brain!  I am trying to straighten out so many things at the same time, and I realize that remaking everything all at once might be a bit much, but it is also a different path which is exciting to explore!

I will be back with an update soon, along with new ideas as they come up. I hope to make this blog a creative outlet for myself and for you. I have gained sooo much from visiting your lovely sites over the years. You are the art community I have longed for. You are my inspiration!

Me in better days

Thanks for helping me be a DiFfeReNt Me!



  1. Hi dear Sherry, thankyou for your visit...yes sometimes life takes over, and there are things being put away,for later ,and maybe even for alwayes. Mooving to your mother is also a big desition, and I can understand it takes much mind try figure out ,how it will all be, both the living there, and all the practic doings.
    I hope it will be for the better for you, and your mother- and wisches you for now a lovely christmas ,also without the big blings and decorations. Believe me, here it is very sparce, too.
    Hugs from,Dorthe

  2. Sherry, this was really a great post! And girl, I know exactly what you're talkin' bout with your collection of things around the house. I too, have that collection habit. :)) I've discovered most creative-minded people do. Yet, I too, believe sometimes we need a fresh overhaul. Sounds like you are moving in a good direction with this. Feels good re-creating oneself (and our environment) sometimes, doesn't it? Thanks for your sweet visit and I'm so happy you've returned. Sending You Some Holiday Love & Sunshine, Terri

  3. Dear Sherry,
    It is so nice to hear from you again!
    I DO understand what a big deal downsizing is, as it took us years and years. One thing that helped me with my art stuff was to question what was no longer going to "fit" with our new lifestyle. Like my easel and oil paints. No way that would work in a tiny house. So I gave those away and started playing around with watercolors, which dry quickly and store in very little space. Your idea to box things up (keep or giveaway) is a good one!
    Take good care & we hope to hear from you again soon!

  4. Hi Sherry.
    Great post! I completely understand what you are dealing with as I've been downsizing for several years now after taking on far, far too much stuff when my parent's house was sold and piling it on top of the too much stuff I already had. I too have/had emotional attachments to a lot of it. What I've had to do recently is look at each item and ask myself if it represents who I am now and who I envision myself being in the future - or if it is only a remnant of the past that is holding me back either emotionally or physically.
    I've also set some space goals - for example, all my off season/not sure about clothes have to fit in a particular trunk now, and anything beyond that is too much. There's a contractor-sized bag of clothes in the back of my car right now ready to go to Sallys!

    Slowly you will get there! And if it helps to hear it, I have never regretted anything I've gotten rid of afterwards - in fact, though bags and boxes of stuff have left the house I barely remember what any of it was after it's out of my sight!

    ((hugs)) Uma

  5. Dear Sherry, I love this deeply personal post. I so can understand all that you write about here. I deal with the same issues, more or less (fortunately no ailing health, hope you feel better by the way). But i am a hoarder too and we are facing a move in the near future.;)
    I hope you will manage to relocate and find yourself settled in your new home, with all your things.;) The best to do is at times to just throw all that stuff out! I did that when I moved in with my husband and I was so terrified that i would miss my things - to be honest, I can not even remember what was thrown.;))
    Good luck with everything and Happy Holidays.;))

  6. Hi Sherry, glad to see that you posted again. I am seriously in need of doing some organizing and purging around here. I have sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much stuff. I can't find half of what I want and things are falling out all over the place. I can't seem to throw anything away that can be recycled. It winds up driving me crazy! All the best as you work out your plans. I do hope your health is improving daily. Best wishes, Tammy

  7. Ah, I can so relate to this clutter issue! If I walk into my studio to create and things are amuk, I simply cannot create one single thing until I straighten...and then I notice I should vacum up the cat fluff floating around....and then is that dust over there?!?! It would seem the if there is clutter or dustballs anywhere in sight, suddenly my mind is in the same state. Know what I mean ;)


    "Her" and Romeo


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