Thursday, May 3, 2012

Retired, but...

Hi Folks,
Well, I'm officially retired! And that means--
I'm busier than ever! Besides the volunteer work I do for my local council on aging, I have taken on a consulting job (paying!) doing outreach for a consortium of 4 councils a little farther away. It is taking a lot of my computer time for now.

A sweet idea!

And I must confess--
I have discovered Pinterest. (OMG! My new obsession!) I have had to curtail some of the magazine buying-they are getting more and more expensive, and you know how hard it is to throw them out! With Pinterest, you get to see and collect millions of pictures, sort them into your own categories and look at them at will without messing up the house!

Lavender mojitos

Love this! Though I can't find the original source.
 The pictures stay connected to their source, so you get recipes, how-tos, blogs, etc. And you don't have to wait a month for new pictures. When you are searching the net or blogging, you can pin the pictures and posts that you like. You will get followers and likes and you can share on FB, Twitter, etc. If you are interested, search Pinterest, then ask for an invitation to join. In a couple of days you will get an email and you go in and set up a profile and begin pinning. That's it!

Can you stand it? Read the story here.

I linked the above pictures. Click on them to see where they come from. Some of our bloggie friends are there too, Dawn Edmondson, Karen Valentine, and many more.

Well, I'm off and running! Have a great day, Y'all!




  1. Congrats on your consulting job. I won't be doing Pinterest since my time is so limited as it is. I hardly find time for blogging lately. And since I can't find any decent magazines where I'm at, I enjoy the hunt when I am on vacation in another country. :) Hope you have a great weekend. Tammy

  2. I Know Precisely What You're Talkin' Bout With Pinterest! For Awhile There I Was Totally Addicted. Thanks For Poppin' By..and As I Read Your Comment I Got To Thinkin' That My New Bench Would Definitely make A Good Potting Bench As Well. Who Knows One Day It Might Return To The Patio For Double duty. And Hey..Congratulations On The New Position. Sounds Like It Will Be An Interesting Adventure. Have A Glorious Weekend! All the best,Terri

  3. Busy is good. :)
    I haven't purchased a magazine in years. In a single magazine, there might have been one or two things that I liked, but I did not like all the ads! I LOVE blogs & sites like Pinterest & Tumblr!
    Have fun, Sherry!

  4. Dear Sherry, I am back from my extended break, trying to catch up with everyone.;)
    I have heard about Pinterest so many times by now, that I think it is time for me to look into it. The images you share here are at least gorgeous.;) Love your new header.;)
    And congratulations on your retirement, I guess that is milestone in life crossed;)

  5. Oh yes! That pinterest is wonderful for exactly the reasons you mentioned!!! Isn't it outrageous how expensive magazines have become?!! But you are so right - pinterest takes up less space than all the magazines we keep, you can get new inspiration more than once a month AND it's free (for now)!!!! It doesn't get much better than that does it!?! And to think intially my thought was 'what's the big deal?' LOL With over 1000 pins, I think I finally get it ;)

    Sending you hugs,

    "Her" and Romeo (who went off to get a snack)


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