Friday, March 9, 2012

Saying Goodbye to Fluffy

Here I am - 2 weeks after my last to-do-by list and I've only completed half of it. I've been in a funk for a while.

That "rub my belly" look
My little kitty, Fluffy, got sick and I couldn't get her to pull out of it. We medicated her for 10 days and she picked up for a while, but then she stopped eating and lost over 3 lbs. Her little body was so tiny to start with. The vet couldn't find out what ailed her without heroic intervention, which I don't have the means for, and don't believe in (for us). I prayed the whole time for a peaceful ending and I said goodbye on Wednesday. She was the sweetest cat I ever had and I miss her terribly.

They hate the laser light on the camera

My other cat, Snuggles, on the other hand weighs close to 20 lbs. I swear, she looks like a couch sometimes! I could tell she was affected by Fluffy's condition. She would come over and stare at me for long minutes like she wanted to tell me how she felt. I've been giving her extra attention, as we both need it. She and I both seem to eat when we stress. I must have put on 5 lbs. and she, like I said, looks like a couch...Time to move on.

Snuggles on oregano

Since my foot surgery in December, I've lost a lot of strength in that leg, and I'm not walking without a cane yet. Which makes it hard to stand and walk straight. So my friend Trisha and I have decided to join the YMCA in a nearby town. We both need motivation to get some weight off, and to build strength back again. She and I each had knee replacements in 2010 - my first, her second - so we are going to start with low impact water aerobics and arthritis aquatics. I also hope to get acquainted with a few exercise machines, including the bikes. We start a trial period on Monday. Looking forward to it!

Six years ago I had lap band surgery and took off 97 lbs.  I've kept most of it off, fluctuating up and down about 15 lbs. But I could never get any lower, no matter what I did, and I should lose 30-40 lbs. to be more healthy.  You don't even want to imagine the sagging! So to buy a swimsuit is a devastating thing--I want coverage, and you don't get much with even the longest swimdress. Land's End had a cute one that goes almost to my knees, but the top is low. I will keep it, but can I wear a turtle neck with that? Some things don't lift no matter how you adjust the straps, and I just don't know...I'm sure there won't be too many studly guys in water aerobics~I probably will be fine after the first time.

I've spoken to our town clerk about Rustique Resale, and it looks like I don't need any permits or permissions to have this small business in my town. I am jazzed about this, in spite of the leaky roof and the possibility of biting off more than I can chew. Trisha says she will help. My niece probably will help too. Getting the room cleared out and rearranged will be tough at first, but then easy to keep up, I think. If I keep working on the big project to reduce my belongings, I will have a continuous supply of stuff to sell for some time. I put a few business cards out there and have had a couple of calls already! I've been busily looking at Flea Market Style and other magazines for inspiration. I want to refinish a few of the pieces in the shabby chic style, which seems to go over well here in the country. Most of us are "shabby chicks", whether we want to be or not! We Yankees like to make do with what we have or can get cheap or free~The ultimate recyclers.

Not my photo, see link below

Maybe...maybe I can make enough money to have someone exterminate the family of red squirrels living in my kitchen ceiling, and get the ceiling replaced. It's a suspended ceiling and I'm not doing it! My brother (landlord) doesn't want to do it. It's full of animal stuff (to put it delicately). The room would have to be emptied and totally plastic covered and hazmat suits and masks worn, etc. I can't imagine fitting this in my schedule or my life plan! They probably would find another way in and do it again, so it may not happen at all, just a pipe dream. He hopes to sell the place as is in a year or so, and I'll be moving in with Mom into a real house with level floors and no rodents and a ceiling that doesn't leak...Though even mom's 16-year old house needs upgrading and repairs and more than a little retrofitting and rearranging to fit me in. I need more energy!

Well, enough rambling--I've got work to do! 
Happy Almost Spring to you.


  1. So sorry to hear about Fluffy. It's so hard to figure out what is wrong with a pet because they can't tell you what ails them.

    Good luck to you and Tracy with the workouts. Getting my eating under control is what has helped me to keep off the weight I lost 7 years ago. I don't walk as often as I would like now, but I still manage to maintain, though my weight does fluctuate some.

    That squirrel story was so fascinating and what a lovely photo of it holding the little one.

    Wishing you all the best with your resale shop. Take care! And have a great weekend. Tammy

  2. Awww, so sorry about Fluffy. I lost a cat to sickness years ago and I'll never forget the feeling of helplessness that accompanied it.

    I think your resale shop idea is just wonderful. Will you take consignments?

    Have fun at the Y. I've skipped my (simple) morning yoga this week for various reasons and I feel all crumpled up and stiff so I can imagine how you must feel after surgery/being off your feet! Low impact sounds like just the thing!

  3. Awe Sherry, I'm Truly Sorry About Fluffy. You Gave Her A Good Life Full Of Love And Friendship. And I Sincerely Believe Those Emotional Ties Live On Within This Life And Into The Next. I Say This With A Bit Of Certainty Having Recently Lost My Mama. I Still Speak To Her Everyday, And The Love Lives On.

    I Very Much Enjoyed Catching Up With You Through Today's Posting. I Wish You Joy And Success In Your New Business Venture. As Well As Your Journey Into Wellness At The YMCA. I Too Dislike Wearing A Swimsuit In Public. I've Always Been Shy About Such Things...Even In My School Days. Have A Glorious Weekend Sweet Lady..It Was So Good Hearing From You. Hugs Of Georgia Sunshine, Terri

  4. Sherry, I am so sorry to read about Fluffy. She was a beautiful little cat, and she did look so sweet, and gentle from your photos.

    Congratulations on your weight loss! Don't look back...keep upbeat, and you will find a way to lose those extra pounds that you have left :)

    You have a beautiful blog, and some lovely items that you have made. I am happy to be a follower~~~


  5. So sorry about Fluffy, Sherrie - such a difficult thing to go through.

    It's great that you & Trisha can work out together - might as well have some fun too! I have continued to walk this winter, but my arms are looking like grandma arms. Must. Do. Yoga.

    Like your small biz plan and cards! Bet you'll do great!

    Have a happy one,

  6. Sorry about your little Fluffy.
    Wonderful weightloss report! Keep it up, sounds like you have a good thing going.
    Thanks so much for stopping by Queen Bee Cottage!


  7. OH Sherry, I am so very sorry to hear about Fluffy :*( How very hard when we have to let them go. Sending you hugs and strength to move forward. Your plans sounds wonderful. Well except for the swimsuit - you're not the only one who struggles with that. If the old swimsuits of the early 1900's weren't wool, I might be able to use one of those. But as it is I am seriously allergic to wool so....maybe they should invent midnight swim aerobic classes. Now that I might sign up for ;)


    "Her" and of course Romeo

  8. Sherry,

    I am so sorry to hear about Fluffy. That is so sad and I know how hard it is. My sympathies to you. I'm glad you joined the Y - that's a great place to be healthy for mind and body. Good luck to you with that. Your tag sales plan sounds exciting too - good for you1



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