Friday, September 9, 2011

Another Vacation in the Works.

Hi all,
I can't believe how time flies! Does this happen to you? You wake up one morning and it is a month later?

Storm coming in Vermont
A week before Hurricane Irene
We have weathered tornadoes, an earthquake, Hurricane Irene, flooding and another week of rainy day after rainy day! I was so sad to see the devastation from the flooding in Vermont. I love that state!
Deerfield River, a week after the hurricane/flood
Today I was shocked to wake up to nice warm sun. I'm so happy-and so are my plants. All my cherry tomatoes were split open from the overabundance of moisture. I'm hoping for a new crop that will stay in one piece!

Shelburne Falls, a week after the flood-usually a trickle here

High water mark. That WAS a used bookstore.

Tomorrow, I go on another adventure with my friend Trisha. We have rented a cottage on Cape Cod. I love the Cape after Labor day, when the crowds have gone and the weather is still balmy. I'm taking my laptop and hope to post some pictures of my trip during the week.

Bardwell's Ferry Bridge, near Bill Cosby's house
Our little brook
So I am cutting this short to get my packing done. Have a great week, everyone!



  1. Oh I just love that pic with the Canadian Geese (my favorite bird)! Have a wonderful trip! Kit

  2. Oh Sherry your part of the world is sooo beautiful! I am very excited because Oct.1st my hubby and I are headed out on a 2 week road trip traveling to PA where my in-laws live. I'm really looking forward to seeing the fall leaves and experiencing cool Fall temps!!
    I'm so glad you liked the door organizer and are going to make one for yourself. Trust me, I feel like "get" inspiration way more than I "give" it, so don't feel like you are alone!!
    Have a wonderful trip!!

  3. Hi Sherry, how wonderful that you are taking another trip. Enjoy! The flooding and wildfires and hurricanes are a little much right now. Take care, safe travels and blessings, Tammy

  4. WOW! You take the best pictures!!!! I'm glad to see that you are okay with all the bad weather that was in your general area. But I am seeing a lot of water - hard to believe that the falls are usually just a trickle! Will be anxious to see the pictures from your Cape Cod adventure! Have a grand time!!! Be sure and have some fish for me ;)


    Romeo and "her"

  5. Your little brook? Oh my!!! Glad to hear that you have weathered the storms safely and I hope you enjoy your little getaway.

    Thank you so much for your sweet words over at my little blog, Sherry.


  6. Always love your imagery dear Sherry, enjoy your trip.;))

  7. Hi Sherry! Hope This Message Reaches You..Blogger Has Been Experiencing Major Hiccups Lately..Or Maybe It's Just Me. :)) Loved Your Photos Of Vermont And Feel So Badly About The Awful Weather. Have A Safe Journey.


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