Friday, July 15, 2011

I Live for Summer!

Hi Everyone,
I finally put aside a little time...I've been missing you all! 

Somewhere about June 21st summer actually did come to Western Massachusetts. (Though we've had a few doozie storms!) I bought a crusing bike, very retro...My plants and flowers are finally coming along like they should and I've been eating little yellow pear tomatoes and swiss chard and basil for a while. I planted baby lettuce mix in a big pot and have cut it a couple of times-very yummy-It's called "cut and come again" and it does!

I'm pet-sitting at the most gorgeous place, it's sort of a mansion high on a hill with the most amazing views over mountains and forests! (did I mention the indoor pool?) My computer is on the dining table overlooking the views and the bird-feeders through a wall of 8' high windows. The dogs, two Australian Shepherds, "aussies," are each chewing on a buffalo horn, one under my feet and one beside me. They are both sweet and hyper-exuberant.
Just a few minutes ago a neighbor stopped by, ringing the doorbell and causing all sorts of excitement. She made me go outside and see the pink cloud with a bright red/orange/yellow rainbow coming out of it. Wow, what a scene! By the time I took the picture, the rainbow was almost gone, but the glow was still intact. I love summer evenings!

Summer mornings are not too bad up here either! Away from the traffic noise of my house, I can sleep like a baby, till the phone wakes me or the dogs need me to get up. Sometimes after feeding and letting them out, they let me go back to sleep.

This morning Paul and his sister came up with their kayaks and we took a winding dirt road to a lovely long narrow reservoir for a paddle. It is so quiet there, no roads go around the lake, just one on either end.  The water is very shallow where you load, and after scootching downriver for a quarter of a mile or so you are in the reservoir/lake. It is surrounded by deep forest and granite cliffs. It is so refreshing to be out on quiet water in the morning. It made my day!

Paul's tee shirt reads: Paddle Faster, I hear banjo music! (ref: the movie Deliverance) He wears it every time we go out paddling.

Well, time to sign off for now, or I won't have anything to say next time! The sun has set, it is as quiet as .....?..... Really quiet! Too cloudy for the full moon.

Kahlua and Cream anyone?


  1. Hi Sherry, so good to hear from you. Things are looking quite beautiful in your neck of the woods. Sure would be nice to be in the great outdoors with such lovely scenery -- but in the desert, it is drab and dreary with temps topping 125. I am in full blown pajama mode. Have a wonderful weekend. Tammy

  2. Hi Sherry - your blog is fabulous (and so beautiful!) Love your wonderful photos - we love to kayak also - what a great place you show for that also! We love being outdoors when we can - and the last few days have been glorious here in KY - but last week - it was almost 100! Miserable!!

    Thanks for visiting me in the Bloggers Create event - I am thrilled to have the chance to come here and meet you!


  3. Mmmmm... Kahlua and cream.... That would be nice to sip on while enjoying that view... Lovely photos... You're making me sorry I sold my kayak too...

  4. I have never been in a kayak before - but it looks wonderful, Sherry! Enjoy your beautiful summer days!

  5. Hi Sherry,

    It's like coming to visit an old friend when I stop by here. I'm sad to hear about your job, but you seem to have looked at this as an opportunity. When I was laid off many years ago I went back to school and got my teaching credential. I recently opened an etsy shop and I really like it. It's only $0.20 for a listing and they take a very small percentage. If you decide to do that and you need any advice (although I am by no means an expert) I'd be happy to help.



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