Thursday, June 10, 2010

Vacation, Day 5: Hanging Around

I'm Back! Back to Blogland, that is.  The bulk mail went out, the Alumni Banquet is over, nursing home visits, a wake for a neighbor...Today is for me.  Even my vacation week is packed with stuff to do, and cleaning up my studio hasn't figured in yet!  I took a ride with Mom on Monday-it was cool and breezy and beautiful out that day--took these pics at a favorite beaver pond. The flowers are mountain laurel, which is blooming up the hillsides now.

The most common ones are very pale pink, but they vary to darker pink in some places.  The buds look like frosting stars. 

Monday morning at 7 am the road construction crew was banging and rolling and driving trucks up and down our road. As if the vehicles aren't loud enough, they have that incessant beeping while backing up.  There was a roller that went up and down the street and got the whole neighborhood vibrating.  It's like an earthquake--the whole house starts shaking, banging, humming, and things fall off shelves or walls. One whole wall of pictures fell from my bedroom wall and crashed into a pile of laundry, nothing broke!  Finally, the paving equipment came:

and rolled,

and made us a new road. Well, that was the first coat, anyway. Today they are doing other work, scraping the sides to match up with the edge of the road, working on the other side of the bridge, etc.  They will eventually do a finish coat, but not for a while! I think they will be around for a few more weeks.

This morning I wandered around the yard with my coffee and took a few pictures of my flowers. We had rain yesterday and through the night. It's still cool and cloudy.

 I'm hoping it will warm up so I can soak my feet here:
and maybe get out on my kayak. I haven't been out yet this year. 

Thank you all for your comments and encouragement! I love blogging (Have I mentioned that before?), but I have cut back a bit to make time for other things.  I promise to show you some more art soon. I have a couple of great encaustic pieces that I can't seem to get good pictures of. When the sun comes out, I'll hang them outside, capture their images and tell you all about them. Now, I'd better turn on some music and work on my studio!  

Take care of yourselves and have a great week!


  1. Beautiful pictures Sherry. The mountain laurel looks just lovely. I don't think I've seen that here in MI. Looking forward to seeing your new art work. Good luck on getting your studio cleaned up!

  2. Hi Sherry!
    Ahhh, everything is so lush and beautiful where you are.
    I went for a walk this morning, trying to capture the tiny faces of this week's wildflowers - and oh my, do we ever need rain!
    Enjoy your time off. I'm looking forward to seeing your studio @ the 'Where Bloggers Create' party!

  3. Sherry, hi-
    Oh the mountain Laurel, looks beautifull, and the buds so fantastic-really like frosting.
    I hope you have tiime to relax,in your week of,too,-but looks forward seing what you have been up to.

  4. Hi Sherry,
    I love mountain laurel and I miss it so much. It doesn't grow here on the coast and I wish it did.

    Those street workers can drive you crazy but progress must go on.

    Have a wonderful week.


  5. Oh Sherry, I love my visits here, your writing and images are like a breath of fresh air. I so enjoyed seeing the wild laurel. I have a laurel hedge lining my front patio. It got frost damage this past winter, so it only bloomed with few flowers this year, but on the other hand it is recovering brilliantly and have started to grow again.
    I love the images from your garden, it seems like such a tranquil and serene place.

  6. What a wonderful area to relax in! Want you to know that I've been saving cardboard to attempt a collage. I know it won't rival yours but one has to start somewhere.

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  7. Your flowers are go and relax and enjoy summer...we'll still be here ;o)

  8. I've never seen anything like that mountain laurel before. It's magnificent. Why is it that road construction always seems to take longer than is necessary? Hope they get out of your way soon. Good luck getting your studio whipped into shape. Look forward to seeing some of your art. Best wishes for the week ahead. :) Tammy

  9. Oh Sherry! Those flowers - mountain laurel are beautiful. I've never seen anything like that!!! They don't even look real!!!!

    Thanks for sharing!!!

    "Her" and Romeo

  10. I've never been to New England, but I think you must live in one of the most beautiful parts of our country. All your pictures of your surroundings are so lovely. The mountain laurel is so sweet and you're right, they look exactly like little icing stars. Thank you for sharing the beauty of your countryside.


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